Holistic Treatments

Ayurveda Health

Purify your body and mind with the benefits of ancient Eastern Indian healing instructions and treatments.

Ayurveda Health Consultation

Ayurveda guides you to optimal health by teaching you how to create inner balance. You’ll understand how to use herbs, diet, yoga, breath, rejuvenating techniques, meditation and cleansing therapies to nourish your body, mind and soul. The use of these techniques on a daily basis will have profound effects on your body’s health.

• 60min $75

Seven Day Detox Plan

Eliminate your deep seated toxins with a Home Pancha Karma Cleansing Plan. This whole body purification can be used seasonally and throughout your life. The cleansing plan includes a one hour Ayurveda health consultation and cleansing kit from Banyan Botanicals.

• $200

Ayurveda Healing Treatments

Ayurveda Facial Massage

An all natural Ayurveda facial massage using Dosha specific Ayurveda Oils, dried rose petals, aloe and an all natural moisturizer. You'll enjoy steam therapy, warm towels and uplifting massage techniques using the Kansa Wand the alchemical healing tool from India.

• 60min $95

Bliss Therapy

During these treatments you you will receive the healing benefits of ayurveda bliss therapy...but with a western twist. This combinaion of Ayurveda Massage (Abhyanga), Detox Bodywrap (Swedana) and Sinus & Head Clarifying Treatment (Nasya) provides a nourishing blend of wellness and rejuvenation!

• Two hours ~ $250